This thing called heart

Why do we do the things we do and why do we feel the way we feel?

Sometimes everything just seems so weird and crazy.                                               Sometimes we do things and end up feeling stupid about those things we did and wishing we didn’t do them.                  We condemn our hearts for having some emotions or feeling a certain about certain people or things.             

       Have you ever imagined what if we had remote controls to our hearts. We could tell our hearts what to feel and what not to feel, how to react and when not to react.                                                               how crazy would that be? I don’t think it would be fun. As crazy as those things are, as crazy as our emotions are, I’m sure we wouldn’t be happier if they were any different. Our crazy heart is perfect the way it is..

CRAZY QUESTION OF THE WEEK…..what if feelings didn’t come from our hearts, what if it was just made up and we have been made to believe it ?

Please share ur thoughts by commenting…I really want to know what you all think..


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