Introducing me


Today was a very fun day for me…I’m really happy and contented…..I was thinking and then I realized, we haven’t really met, so let me introduce myself.

Who am I?….have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you been able to answer it? If you were asked this question on a form, or a questionnaire, what would you write?
My name is zainab Kabir, I’m law student at nasarawa state university. I think I’m a lot of things, I have like 99 personalities. Your personality affects my personality. I could meet ten people a day, and if you asked them what kind of person I am, they would describe my personality in ten different ways.
I like a lot of things, and hate a lot. sometimes i hate the things I like, and vise versa.
My friends would say I’m lazy, but my grandma and cousins would say I’m hardworking. Most people would say I’m nice, but my brother would say, “kind of, maybe, sometimes”.
If they is anything or anyone I love sincerely, they are my family, friends and coke..
I don’t really like meeting new people, I’m very comfortable with the ones I already know.
I don’t think anyone is really nice, until I get to know u deep. I hate it when people judge me, you don’t know half my story, forget you’ve known me for years. How can you know me, when even I don’t know myself.
I don’t judge people and I really don’t notice many things people seem to notice so much.
I like simple things, some people might doubt this, but the simplest and littliest things attract me. I don’t care if you’re nice or not, as long as I’m comfortable around u. I don’t care if you are beautiful or handsome, I’ll love you if you have a good heart.
I don’t know if I’m nice, pretty or anything, but I know I’m not a bad person. I love to see children smile, I love to be the reason for that smile. I’m very ambitious and would love to make a difference.
Religiously, I don’t know, I pray to God to make me stronger and a better person, to bless and protect my parents, siblings and friends, and to guide them through the right path.
I’m sometimes annoying and clumsy..and silly too

That was quite an introduction..ryt?
Comment please if we have anything in common, and feel free to tell me about yourself…


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One comment

  1. leslie · December 6, 2015

    I think we’re complete opposites in a good way though


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