Old school love vs. Modern love


Its amazing how things are different from the way they were before. As life changes, loves changes and sincerity and purity fades away.
Relationships nowadays are different from the ones our parents had in their days.
Yesterday my friend’s cousin was talking about love, and I realised that indeed everything has changed.
Still yesterday, my mum and I were talking about marriage, she was telling me how she fell in love with my dad. It wasn’t like romeo and Juliet, but it was sincere, pure and simple and these are things lacking in modern love.
I’m going to write both stories, so you could see what I see.

               MODERN LoVE
Honestly, I’m not going to lie, I was first attracted to him because of his gorgeous, oh so beautiful car. He had a Mercedes Benz xLR McLaren, plus he was super rich, that made him super perfect to me, even though he wasn’t that fine.
I started to love him for real, and just when I had surrendered my heart to him, I found out that he was getting married to some local chic from bauchi. I was heart broken and insulted, he chose that village thing over me.

                   OLD SKUL LOVE
If you wanted to see him smile, just call my name, everyone knew he was crazy in love, except me. I had a lot of suitors then, and he was the least on the list.
I would pass by him everytime to meet my other suitors, completely ignoring him, but he’ld never get upset, and he’ld still come back the next day. I’ld ignore him again and again, but he never gave up. Sometimes held come and spend more than two hours waiting for me, patiently..
People started talking about him, making only positive remarks about him and how in love with me he was, even my mother liked him. I decided to give him a chance and slowly I fell in love, he had nothing but I knew he’ld do anything for me. He was funny, patient and understanding.
People tried to destroy our love, but we never broke. He had nothing and I had nothing too, all we could boast of was our love

Men or women, I think we should all learn to love deeper, with all our hearts. Try to look pass material and vain things..love is a big deal. 

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