Hopeful fool

Falling for a prince?

I can’t call it love at first sight, yet I don’t know what it was. It was just, what’s the word? ‘’unusual’’.
It was the last place I wanted to be, I really hated formal events, especially academic ones. My lecturer had forced me come, ‘’it would be very enlightening, you need to come’’, he had insisted. I had thought of excuses to give, but I found none convincing enough. So there I was, walking, more like pushing myself into the hall, with my face plastered on my phone. I raised my head up and then I saw him. Yah, this where the explosions and sparks should come, but they was none of that. I was shocked; it was like I was looking at a ghost. It wasn’t the kind of feeling a girl who had just seen, probably the love of her life, would usually get. It was the kind of feeling you’d get when you unexpectedly meet someone at an unexpected place.
I half looked at him, before hurriedly lowering my gaze. All I noted was that he was tall, not too tall, and that his lips were pink. I briefly stared at his white leather shoes and the pattern on them, it was a unique shoe. All the while I was thinking of what to say to him, and the reason why I was still standing on his way, before I could think of what to say to him, my mouth spoke.
‘’good afternoon’’, it wasn’t afternoon, it was morning, I was so stupid, ‘’good morning, inakwana,’’ I stuttered and moved away before I could make an even bigger fool of myself.
He smiled curtly and greeted me back, before walking away with a puzzled look on his face.
‘Bam’ the moment was over, I mentally shook myself and then I walked towards my lecturer who was already waving me to come closer.  Mr Aminu was an average heighted chubby man; he had a permanent smile on his face and the longest nose I had ever seen. I greeted him and we chatted briefly before I went to look for a seat for me and my friend, who had not yet arrived.
I sat on the front row and put my purse on the seat next to me. I picked my phone and started randomly scrolling for anything to cure my boredom, when suddenly; I felt a sudden breeze blow pass me, followed by a pleasant scent. I didn’t look up but I knew it was the same person I made a fool of myself of in front of him. The white shoes confirmed it. The sudden breeze was produced by his white babban riga and the pleasant scent, was obviously his perfume.
He was speaking to the man beside me but I couldn’t help but feel nervous, my heart was literally in my throat, seriously, I could feel it. I wiped away the sweat which was now forming on my chin with my hijab. ‘’prince Adnan’’, someone called from behind him and he turned to face the elderly man with a smile. He was a prince, I did further investigations and found out he was a prince, plus his father, the king o Bida, Niger state, was also present at the event. I don’t know why, but I was extremely disappointed, it obviously meant he was way out of my league, he was out of my league before I even found out he was a prince. He probably had some gorgeous Nupe girl betrothed to him and even if they weren’t a betrothed, he would be in a pretty serious relationship, or engaged or even married, not cool.
The last thing I wanted to do was hurt myself by being even the slightest bit attracted to him, so immediately dismissed every thought of him from my brain, and I swear it worked until he spoke to me. He was asking me a question but I couldn’t comprehend, I can’t even remember the words he said to me, all I know is that he spoke to me, and his voice stuck to my head. ‘’its okay’’, I told myself but I realised it wasn’t, the moment I accidentally looked into his eyes- big mistake. His eyes were clear and charming; I could tell they was a story behind them. Ok, so I’m clearly trying to be dramatic, actually I couldn’t tell if they was a story behind them or not, but his eyes were as fascinating as eyes could be.
I think he figured I wasn’t going to give a reply to whatever question he asked so he walked away, and my senses came back to me the second he was out of sight. Masha Allah, he must have thought I was crazy or mentally challenged or something.
The event ended and I left knowing it would be the last time I would ever see him. Sad as it was, I felt it was for the best.
I thought it was over, until I found myself searching Google and every social network for him. So I found him on face book, and I sent him a message, nothing deep just a ‘hy’. He replied hours later with a hello, and stupidly, I let myself feel a little hope- hope for us. So I sent him another message, ‘’hi, my name is sumaiya ibrahim ,we met last week at exquisite, during Seyi’s event. Remember that very weird girl, lol, that’s me.’’
Ever since I sent him the message he still hasn’t replied, and it’s been 12 days now. I’ve been stalking him on face book though, sometimes I wonder if he ever feels stalked, or what if he could really feel it, awkward. He probably would never reply, and it will never work, most parts of me has accepted this, but the stupidest part of me still has HOPE.
So what do u tink she shuld do next?

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  1. damilolaaderohunmu · March 16, 2016

    I liked reading this.
    We have all been here at some point.
    Silly kind of hope
    Just stop stalking him and you would be fine.

    Liked by 1 person

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