Dear guys, what a girl really wants.

I was seating and I was thinking about all the things that would make a relationship perfect, then I thought about all the girls around me who were in relationships and all the problems they were having with their partners. For some it was lack of time and attention from their boyfriends, and for others, he just wasn’t romantic. When I asked both the single and taken ones, what a girl really wanted in a relationship, I got a lot of Interesting responses, but some answers were repeated more than once. So, here’s the list of what girls really want from a guy, in a relationship.

1.Love, time, and attention.

People say men are like babies and you have to care for them almost the same way, truth is, we’re also sometimes, most times just like babies. We want our partners to love us, care for us, check up on us, and just treat us like something real precious, because we are. We want you to call us cute, and beautiful. To say you’re sorry, even when you’re not because that’s just what we want. We want you to stay, when we ask you to go, and to tolerate us even when we’re at our pettiest.


A girl wants her partner to be her biggest number one fan in everything she does. As much as we want to be treated like fragile art, we also want to be strong independent women, and the best a partner could do is to actually support us and be the cheerleader we need.


A girl wants excellent communication between her and her partner. We don’t want you to leave us second guessing all your actions. We have wild thoughts, and if your thoughts and feelings don’t get through to us, our thoughts are going to run wild. If you feel something, tell her, you have a problem with her, tell her, you have a PERSONAL problem, tell her.

4.A sense of humour

If you don’t have a funny bone in you, then I don’t know what you’re going to do about this, because girls were serious about this. I guess don’t take everything seriously, make light of some things and be serious only when you need to be. Just chill sometimes.


You might not completely agree with me on this one, but most times, all she really wants is the truth. Girls appreciate more than anything, guys that can be vulnerable with them, a guy that carries his heart on his sleeves, a guy that’s not afraid to just let it all out. The easiest way to ruin a relationship is to either lie, or keep the truth away from her.

6.Chocolate and flowers.

Some girls like chocolates, some flowers, other junk food. Whatever makes her most happy, keep’em coming. Most times it’s not about the gifts, but the thoughts behind them, so you can afford to get creative with your gifts. If you get it right, she’ll love you more and if you get it wrong, she’ll still appreciate it.

7.Fun and stability- the balance

Yes, she wants to do crazy things with you, explore the world, go on romantic dates with you, but she also wants to know that when she needs one, you can be her rock. You can be the one who keeps her sane through hard times, and that you’re ready to be ‘the one’ someday.

This one’s simple. If you love her DON’T CHEAT ON HER. If she’s the one you want, make up your mind.


One thought on “Dear guys, what a girl really wants.

  1. And i thought you girls wanted equality, but I understand I’d be nice if men possessed all these qualities, but i think giving out these guidelines kind of takes out the spontaneous factor in the relationship.

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