Letting go and getting over you…..(for my best friend)



Letting go of you was like having
A heart attack over and over again
You became all i every wanted but
                 Couldn’t get

It took all i had to let you go
I felt lost in my own world
I shed mental blood trying
                 To forget

I had never tried so hard with
Anyone and that’s why even when
You’ve left my mind, you
  Would never leave
            My heart

Sometimes when it’s not meant to be, you just have to let go…. Cos Letting go is your best option.
And when we refuse to let go of what we shouldn’t stick to, we end up getting hurt.
Several times i’ve seen people get broken all because they chose to keep fighting for what’s not worth fighting for or probably not theirs’.
I know its hard to let go and even harder to get over it after Letting go… But i assure you that it will pass, it will heal through the test of time..
A lot of people would recommend different ways of getting over Letting go,  but i’m not sure if it works, i believe our hearts work in different ways..

Stay strong lovez…. And thanks for reading.. 🙂